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​What do you hope 2020 will bring for you?

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Peace, good health and tranquillity? Sounds good and we wish you all well.

Whilst people cannot do a great deal individually to change the world, we can do all in our power to make our own green spaces greener. Every tree planted is a breath of fresh air – literally!

As we plunge into Winter, we are limited in what we can do to improve our outdoor living spaces and help the environment at the same time. Tree planting can be done at this time of year, just wait for a frost-free day and water your new acquisition in once planted. Please, purchase your tree from a responsible supplier to avoid diseased trees which will simply compound the issue of ‘Ash die-back’ and other incoming threats to our native woodlands. Top quality Garden Centres will only sell safe plants. There are many very attractive tree types from broadleaf standards such as Silver Birch, Willow etc., plus lovely Flower and/or Fruiting species such as Cherry, Almond, Apples, and miniature trees that can include ‘family’ trees with two or three different species on the one stem. And, for those of you thinking you haven’t the space for a tree, most of these suggestions can be grown in tubs or planters.

Are you longing for the opportunity to sit out, dine out or chill out? So are we but we are a touch busy planning the County Shows that we plan to display our wonderful range of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture at in 2020, be assured we will be there!

Anticipation is fun and so is planning to enjoy your outdoor living space when the Summer sunshine returns. 

Preparing is fun too, will you improve your patio, build a deck, repair or replace your green sward? Maybe the sitting and dining out area is just right in which case you can relax and await some frost-free days and evenings.

To gain maximum pleasure from dining al fresco or simply sitting in the sun (or the shade) one needs comfort, and this can easily be achieved with judicious acquisition of some high-quality chairs and tables to enhance your home.

and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is available in many styles. 

There are Reclining and Steamer Chairs, imagine yourself on an ocean liner with all of the luxury that goes with it. There are dining tables and chairs sets, coffee tables and accessories produced using only sustainable solid teak from plantations, we do our best for the environment too!

The team at Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture extends best wishes for 2020 including many sunny days!

​Tis the time to be merry, not quite, but there’s a lot of fun to be had outdoors.

Autumn is here and the clocks have gone back, hope you remembered? Due to the season there are fewer daylight hours in which to clear away the remains of summer plants. Rather than being the end of the season, Autumn can be seen as the start of the garden cycle as this is the time to [...]

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​Teak Garden Chairs,

Chairs and Tables Solid Teak Garden Chairs are designed to grace any garden or outdoor living space providing exceptional comfort and will withstand the British weather with ease and become more attractive with time. Why solid teak? Because teak will not rot when wet,  teakwood is supremely water resistant, naturally.We offer a superb range of designs that [...]

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Lutyens Benches are a Cut Above the Rest,

Much as we love the whole range of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Benches, even we have to admit that the Lutyens range of Benches are superb, a cut above the rest.Grand, Imposing, Opulent, Regal, the Lutyens Benches are all of those and more, superlatives only go halfway to describe the stylish Lutyens range [...]

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Spring is here and the time is right to Order Garden Furniture for the Summer.

Spring has sprung and the temperatures are rising, albeit slowly, and the time for moving outdoors to entertain and to feed one’s family is rapidly approaching. Spring has sprung and the temperatures are rising, albeit slowly, and the time for moving outdoors to entertain and to feed one’s family is rapidly approaching.The centre piece of any outdoor dining area is the [...]

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it’s Time to Prepare for Summer.

Signs of Spring are everywhere, the daffodils are blooming, wildlife is returning from its slumbers or a quick dash to Africa etc for the Winter. Hopefully, we may once again be able to enjoy a splendid hot summer that will draw us outdoors and into our al fresco living spaces.This is also a good time [...]

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​The Excellent Southwold Chairs are Now in Stock

Customers seeking to purchase exceptional quality Teakwood Garden Furniture need look no further.Regardless on whether one requires comfortable seating for outdoor use at home or are looking for an investment for business use that will provide a comfortable return on investment Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is just perfect.Southwold Chairs are available in [...]

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​Looking for a Statement Item of Garden Furniture? Try a Banana,

Garden Furniture can be elegant, outstandingly good quality and different. By combining the very best in design, beautifully executed craftsmanship, and top-quality materials the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Banana series is exceptional value and stunningly good looking.The Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture Banana range of products includes; Deluxe Banana Teak Arm Chairs, the Deluxe Banana Bench and [...]

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​Selecting a Bench That is Rather Special,

Choosing a bench rather depends on the intended use, whether it is meant to offer a rest place amongst a pleasant garden landscape, overlook a tranquil garden pond, or act as a memorial to a loved one, it is fitting that one should look for its outstanding qualities.Quality will out, the old phrase was never [...]

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​All Teak Garden Furniture Looks the Same? Look Closer there is a World of Difference,

For the discerning purchaser of fine Teak Garden Furniture there is a vast amount of difference available when it comes to buying good quality. Forget shapeless ‘heavy’ looking inferior products that are poorly finished and those that ‘dance’ when nudged by hordes of hungry children, lack of stability could be dangerous.There is an excellent alternative.Chairs and [...]

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