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​Become the envy of your neighbours with brand new garden furniture by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture!

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Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is a head turning addition to any discerning person who is proud of their home and outdoors living space. Anyone who entertains will be the talk of the neighbourhood when their guests go home, in-fact they may so comfortable that you have to drop a heavy hint or two to get them to leave! When spending good hard-earned money why not buy the best? It makes excellent sense.

Thankfully, the coronavirus appears to be running its course and we truly hope that the crisis will soon be over allowing us all to return to something approaching normal. Meanwhile this is an opportune time to acquire new chairs, tables, recliners and accessories with which to furnish ones patio, lawn or decking area, no matter how large or bijou the outdoor space there is something in the extensive range for just about everyone. Many items in the Chairs and Tables catalogue will be delivered ready assembled, all that the customer needs to do is unpack it, put in place, break out the cool drinks and relax in the warmth of Summer sun.

Turnworth Teak 150cm Round Ring Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs

Should the requirement for us all to stay at home come to an end weddings and other celebrations may be able go ahead in Autumn, making this a prime time to buy wedding gifts in anticipation of the big day.

It would seem that the many County and Country Shows will not go ahead this year, however Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is always readily available to purchase. Please see:

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is special because it is produced using solid Grade ‘A’ teak heart wood that has been harvested at its peak condition from plantations dedicated to producing only sustainably grown timber. 

Why do we use solid timber in the production of our furniture? Because solid teak is weather proof, whereas inferior products will have a soft wood centre that will soak up water and rot in a short period of time. Chairs and Tables Solid Teak Garden Furniture will not rot and will improve with age.

Following careful seasoning and selection the teak wood is worked by craftsmen using traditional carpentry methods to ensure tight joints and a smooth blemish free finish.

Be the talk of your family and friends with top quality Teak Garden Furniture from Chairs and Tables.

​How would you like to enjoy lockdown this Summer with some Luxury Teak Garden Furniture?

With the stress of lockdown and all of the limitations imposed upon us all why not stop fretting and sit back and relax? Whatever else the warmer weather is here, and the gardens are in full bloom so why not enjoy the fresh air whilst we can.Gardens and even small outdoor spaces provide an opportunity to enjoy the finer [...]

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Do it in style and receive a beautiful FREE Folding Picnic Table when you purchase a Bench, or Lounger  from the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture range!As we all learn to cope with elf-isolation it is important to keep body and soul together, by that we mean staying as active as is possible during this period of social [...]

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​Finding Serenity in the Garden

In times like these, it is important to focus on things that bring calm and relaxation to your life. Thankfully, isolation doesn't apply to the garden, and it is the perfect place to create a serene, haven at home. Take a working vacation out to the garden and let the stresses of the world drift [...]

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​Stay calm and carry on, safely!

Presently the Nation is coping with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and we urge our valued customers to take preventative measures as advised by HM Government and the medical authorities. Stay safe!We should like to offer a few ideas about how to cope with isolation should you need to stay at home.Gardening is one of those fresh air pursuits that [...]

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​TLC for Teak Garden Furniture

Solid teakwood garden furniture is resistant to most weathers having silica and rubber in its composition. Anyone who has set foot on the deck of a sailing boat that has teak decking and fittings will know that teak is one of the finest natural surfaces available.But what does Tender Loving Care mean? Teak will age beautifully and turn a silvery hue [...]

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Whether one requires Garden Chairs for recreational use at home, or as a business asset, making the correct choice is important. For the home patio, decking or larger outdoor living space buying well means acquiring a product that will grace one’s home whilst being able to withstand the rigours of our British weather. Buying for the ‘Club house’? Once again [...]

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Getting your outdoor living space ready for Spring.

Getting your outdoor living space ready for Spring.Now that the festivities are completed, and we are back to our normal lives perhaps some planning is in order? There are still dark evenings and rainy, maybe snowy, days to come allowing plenty of time for making plans to improve ones outdoor living conditions. Planning really is key, and the devil lies [...]

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W​hy buy solid teak garden furniture, what’s the deal?

Different types of timber are used for a variety of purposes because some are hard, some are naturally weather proof - teak, some are soft – deal for example, and others are used for furnishings such as Rosewood, Oak, and Walnut for example.Wood is the product of its natural environment, drawing its characteristics from the earth at its feet. Over [...]

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​What do you hope 2020 will bring for you?

Peace, good health and tranquillity? Sounds good and we wish you all well. Whilst people cannot do a great deal individually to change the world, we can do all in our power to make our own green spaces greener. Every tree planted is a breath of fresh air – literally!As we plunge into Winter, we [...]

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