The addition of a Parasol to ones Teak Garden Furniture set is practical and a wise precaution, with weather conditions that can vary so widely (and quickly) from rain and chill to blazing sunshine having cover that can be put in place rapidly is a wise strategy.

 All of the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Tables have a pre-made hole at the centre, covered with a tasteful purpose-made brass cover can be removed to accommodate the parasol pole.

There are two sizes of parasol, 2.4m and 3m, just shy of 8 feet in diameter or 10 ft in diameter, sufficient to cover the majority of one’s dining table, with the exception the very largest extending tables, however, in these cases most of table surface should be covered.

 Both parasols are available in tasteful green or blue or white fabric.

 We are able to supply optional bases for the parasols to ensure that they remain firm and in place.

  A range of parasols and garden umbrellas along with bases to compliment any garden furniture set