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A Private Oasis with the Children's Lutyens Teak Furniture Line

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Creating a children's Lutyens teak oasis is key for visiting friends and family. It would be impractical in today's times to think that every event could be child free. Even the holidays are decorated with the laughter of a child's soul. Let that be the guiding force when you decide to make a special wonderland for the fancy little feet that often visit your home. Take special care in bringing only the best Lutyens Teak furniture to their special garden or patio area.

No child wants their dream area to consist of just one simple piece of furniture. No kingdom in their fantasy ever saw such a room. In designing the ultimate area that will keep the little ones busy , the key is to select high end and durable furniture that is built to last and withstand the heavy use that children can demand of items. With the Lutyens line of children's pieces, that won't be a concern. The pieces consist of 100% A Grade and kiln dried teak wood. This sustainable teak wood is naturally water and weather resistant.

The Lutyens line carries the following children's pieces:

Children's Lutyens Garden Teak Bench- It is an absolute charm for the children to climb atop and create miracles and memories with. They can sit for hours and read stories to their furry friends, dolls, bears and the other 101 toys they call their family. The sturdy construction and smooth finish of this bench ensures that no little hands will come running with splinters or cuts. With the rolled arms and delicate curves, there are no sharp or sudden edges for the kids to hit their heads on. Injuries are limited wherever possible while still maximising the sudden found treasures of freedom. This piece includes a weather proof cushion in your choice of blue or green colours.

  • Dimensions: Total height 620mm , Arm height 460mm, Seat height 280mm, Back height 350mm, Total width 820mm, Seat width 650mm, Total depth 370mm, Seat depth 290mm

The Children's Lutyes Garden Teak Bench is designed in style, workmanship and features with both the:

Children's Lutyens Garden Teak Chair -with dimensions of:

Total height 620mm - Arm height 460mm - Seat height 280mm - Back height 350mm - Total width 520mm - Seat width 360mm - Total depth 370mm - Seat depth 290mm

And the

Children's Lutyens Garden Teak Table- with dimensions of:

Total Length 740mm - Table Top Length 580mm - Width 410mm - Total Height 390mm - Table Top Height 320mm

Each of these pieces brings their own glory to a child's oasis but as a set, the allure of their world is complete and the hours of fantasy play and importance are endless. Complete the look and capture the memories of each playful laugh.

Chairs and Tables remains committed to bringing all customers what they want and need, even a child. Make your little guests count as much as the tall ones. All orders are shipped free in the UK. Our Sustainable Teak is 100% Legal Indonesian Teak, working together for a better future.