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​About the Round Teak Gateleg Table 120cm

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Why Do You Need a Folding Table?

Summer is the best season for celebrating out in the open, seeing as how it combines excellent weather with a common sense of liveliness that can be found at no other time. However, not all of us have sufficient seating for all of the people that we would like to invite, which is where folding tables and the like come in.

In brief, the Round Teak Gateleg Table 120cm offers plentiful space once it has been set up, making it the perfect choice for seating a smaller, more intimate gathering in the middle of events. Better still, its clever design means that it can be folded up with ease, making it that much more convenient to store when it is not seeing use. For best results, its users can even use the pre-drilled hole in the centre to support a parasol with a pole width of up to 5 cm, thus ensuring comfortable shade even when the sun is shining bright.

Why Do You Want It in Sustainable Teak?

Like some of the other products in our selection, the Round Teak Gateleg Table 120cm is made of teak that has been produced using sustainable practises. This ensures that it is both strong and tough, more than enough to stand up to the stresses that it can expect to encounter over the course of its existence. Furthermore, it ensures that it will have outstanding resistance to moisture and the rest of the elements, making it well-suited for outdoor use.

Of course, this product becomes even better for consumers who care about the environment. Sustainable means that said individuals can rest easier in the knowledge that they are contributing less to pollution and other man-made problems, while still benefiting from great furniture that will make their lives that much easier and that much more pleasant.

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