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Beautiful Teak Ice Buckets

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Teak wood is one of the most beautiful materials used for patio furniture. Originally from southern Asia, teak is scientifically known as Tectona grandis. For any wood to last long and withstand the effects of the elements, it usually has some sort of oil or resin content, and that is where tweak wood stands apart from all other materials. Studies have shown that the natural oil in teak wood does not get depleted over time, making it the ideal wood for outside furniture that will be exposed to the elements. That is why tweak wood patio has been considered as the ideal material for furniture for many homeowners.

Marrying form and functionality, the teak ice bucket makes the perfect statement piece on your teak table or lazy susan. It's the perfect accessory to chill your wines and favorite beverages in the summer.

Good quality teak ice buckets can withstand a broad temperature range, with the oil preventing it from cracking and warping in cold temperatures. When properly taken cared of, accessories made from this type of wood can last several decades.

If you like to have a beautiful curb appeal, then teak wood furniture is the best. You can leave it outside for years without any worry. In fact, as teak continues to age, it develops a charming silver gray colour. This wood is also very easy to clean using a soft bristle brush and some mild soap. You can also rinse it with water, and it will do just fine, as long as it is allowed to air dry indoors or in mild temperatures.