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Choosing the Perfect Set for Garden Dining

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Why is Teak So Wonderful?

Teak is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture, which is why it sees so much use in our products. In short, it is a tropical hardwood, meaning that it is used to high-moisture surroundings that can cause rot as well as other serious problems in lesser materials. Better still, it is strong and durable, meaning that people can count on it to provide them with long-lasting usefulness even if it has been put to the roughest sort of use.

Of course, teak has more than the practicalities to recommend its use. For example, it can be cut so that its surfaces show rich, rippling patterns that capture and captivate the senses, making it perfect for imbuing its surroundings with a sense of beauty. Furthermore, it possesses a pleasing texture that can be made that much more so with the right finish, which is most important when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Why Choose the Turnworth 150cm Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs?

For an example of how teak can be put to excellent use, look no further than our Turnworth 150cm Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs.

Like its name suggests, the round table is constructed out of bigger and bigger rings radiating from the centre, which results in a fascinating image with a pleasing sense of symmetry. Better still, its 150cm face can be mounted with an 80cm turntable, which should prove to be a useful tool when the round table is used for garden dining.

These measurements ensure that the round table can fit six participants sitting in six chairs, which come included in the set. Each chair has been cushioned for the comfort of the sitter, while its even distribution at the round table should contribute to a more casual feel for the occasion. In other words, these characteristics combine to make the set a facilitator for intimate outdoor gatherings regardless of the occasion.

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For those who are conscientious about their purchases, it should be noted that our teak is both ethical and sustainable. To learn more, please contact us to speak with one of our sales representatives, who can provide interested individuals with all of the answers to their questions.