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​Host an Intimate Gathering with Our Folding Teak Tables

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Sometimes, what is best isn't a big celebration packed with lots and lots of people but something much smaller and thus much more intimate. However, it is important to remember that intimate gatherings can be improved with the right pieces of furniture in much the same manner as their bigger counterparts, which is where our folding teak tables come in.

In brief, each example has been made out of A-grade teak that has been dried using a kiln before being put together with the use of brass fittings, thus resulting in something that is not just strong but also lightweight. Combined with a clever design that enables it to be folded up when it is not in use, these factors ensure a product that can be set up in an instant with minimal fuss. Better still, our folding  gateleg teak tables come in an round shape, which makes it that much easier to fit four chairs around its perimeter for the perfect get-together.

Of course, this particular piece of furniture is like the rest of our products in that it has been made using sustainable teak, which is not just strong and long-lasting but also known for its resistance to pests, moisture, and other maladies. As a result, our customers can count on us for a product that will not just provide outstanding results but also satisfy their desire to help reducing the impact on the environment.