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​Nothing can quite add to the aesthetics of a garden than a planter.

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A great alternative to plant pots, planters can really add that wow-factor to an outdoor space, especially when combined with gorgeous flowers, shrubs, and trees.

It’s one of the easiest ways to bring more vibrancy to a garden, but unfortunately not all planters are made equal. Susceptible to rotting and general decay, you will find many planters last a few short years before needing to be replaced or at least restored.

However, that is never the case with our teak wood planters from Chairs and Table!

Made using the highest quality teak wood, our planters offer the perfect balance of style and durability that will let you get your money’s worth. As one of the best hardwoods available, teak is strong and long-lasting, with many properties that make it ideal for outdoor garden use.

For example, teak has a high oil and rubber content that allows the wood to be extra protected from the elements. Virtually weather-proof, these teak planters will not be damaged from exposure to rain, frost or excessive sun, so it definitely won’t be rotting any time in the near future!

Not only that, but wood burrowing insects and pests will not be able to damage the wood, ensuring that these products will last for a long time to come. Given the contents of a planter box, you really want it to be made from quality materials that will last, which is certainly the case here.

However, it is recommended that you use a compost bag or something similar when filling the planter with soil, as this will all but guarantee no rotting over time. Soil can still damage teak, it just takes a long time to happen, so be sure to take this small precaution – it will get you many more years out of the planter!

Moreover, these planters look beautiful. They will greatly improve the overall style of any garden space, looking especially attractive when placed alongside pathways, decking, or patios. Plus, with four size options available it should be easy to find the perfect-sized planter for your garden.

Designed with four posts to help raise the planter of the ground, the design isn’t just stylish but functional – the base comes with flat slats to provide exceptional drainage to ensure plants will thrive.

There’s also a selection of size options to choose from, with the planters available in small (35 x 35cm) medium (45 x 45cm) and large (54 x 55cm). So, whether you are looking for a single planter or a selection of different sized planters for your garden, we’ve got you covered!