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Sitting outside with someone is one life’s simple pleasures

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Whether it’s husband and wife, parent and child, or just two friends hanging out, there are fewer places to enjoy someone’s company than from the comfort of your garden.

For anyone seeking a fantastic piece of garden furniture to seat two, look no further than the incredible Teak Banana Companion set from Chairs and Tables. As the name suggests, this is the ideal product to enjoy a companion, with the gorgeous chair set providing the perfect place to sit outside on your patio, decking, or even inside!

While most chair sets for the garden feature a standard design, the Teak Banana Companion Seat offers something a little different but no less functional. The two seats are spacious and comfortable like any other teak garden chair, with the main difference being they’re conjoined at the middle.

It produces a wonderful item that adds a unique style to any space, while also being a great design for sitting and chatting. The seats sit at a slight inwards angle, allowing each individual to easily face each other while still offering plenty of freedom.

Better still, the conjoined design is achieved by creating a small table between each seat. This table is ideal for setting down a glass of wine or cup of tea, so it’s a natural location to sit and enjoy the company of a friend or loved one.

The banana design refers to the natural curvature at the backrest. This helps to make the seats very comfortable to sit on, thanks in no part to the silky soft finish of the surface. Each comes with a padded cushion for the seat, while adding one of your own cushions for the backrests will result in one seriously comfortable chair.

As it’s constructed using sustainable sourced teak wood, the Banana Companion Seat is a set that will last you many years to come. Strong and durable, teak boasts tightly packed grains that make it one of the toughest and heaviest woods available, so you needn’t worry about impact damage, sagging developing, or it being blown over by strong winds.

The natural oils in this teak chair set also ensure there isn’t any damage from rains, frost, and other extreme weather conditions. Rain water won’t warp the wood over time and it doesn’t cause it to become brittle either, so the chair set can easily be left outside without any damage occurring.

Therefore, investing in the Banana Companion Seat now means you are buying a piece of garden furniture for life! Expect to get many years and even decades from this wonderful teak chair set - expect to have many great conversations sitting here with the people you love!