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​Some people believe that eating outdoors is about smoky barbecues and being comfortable !

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 Not so! Dining alfresco is the most delightful experience made perfect with stylish dining furniture and a few decorous embellishments, and of course mouth-watering food and plenty to drink! As we approach Summer and, hopefully, long warm (dry) days enjoying ones outdoor living spaces becomes much more inviting, and with some modern well designed ‘outdoor’ dining rooms presently being built for discerning homeowners the word luxury comes readily to mind! Whether one has a bijou space in which to relax, a deck or patio/s, or acres of well mown lawns sitting out in the shade of a purpose made parasol enjoying fresh air and peace and quiet whilst studying nature at work, reading a good book or feeding hungry children and adults having some comfort in which to do so is key to ones enjoyment. Chairs and Tables Solid Teak Garden Furniture is designed for comfort, convenience, durability and eye-catching style! Have you been watching the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration preparations? One superb way to commemorate this remarkable ladies life of devotion to service is to have a splendid reminder at home or at the 19th hole etc., with a suitable plaque marking the occasion as was the case on HM’s Golden Jubilee and doubtless before that. 

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture produces a fine range of Solid Teakwood Benches that can be fitted with a neat plaque to commemorate the Jubilee. Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is produced using solid teak because it is resistant to water ingress being naturally waterproof and with traditional carpentry skills, close fitting joints that have dowel inserts to strengthen them, and these excellent items will undoubtedly last a further 70yrs with a bit of TLC and will look just as handsome as when purchased! All teak products sold by Chairs and Tables are manufactured using Grade A sustainably sourced teakwood, even the Planters, Trolleys – including the Jubilee Trolley, Dining Tables and Chairs. 

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture will be on display at the following events: 

Suffolk Show, May 31st and June 1st, 

Sotterley Country Fair, August 29th, 

Royal Norfolk Show, Norwich, 

Sandringham Flower Show, and 

Aylsham Show, August 30th. 

Should be unable to see Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture on these occasions you can view the whole range and place your order online at: https://www.chairsandtables.co.uk/

Enjoy your Summer and Celebrate with Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture!