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Blog - Elpaso Teak and Aluminium Folding Side Chairs

​Elpaso chairs will look spectacular in any outdoor setting.

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The Elpaso Teak and Aluminium Folding Side Chair from Chairs and Tables is a must-have product for anyone seek top quality garden chairs. All too often garden chairs are overlooked, resulting in many uncomfortable and unattractive seats around the garden - anyone seeking a comfortable and stylish option needn’t look further than the Elpaso folding chair.

Whether you need a complete set for a new garden table or you just want to replace on of your older chairs, this a fine choice for anyone. Coming with an affordable price yet offer unrivalled quality, this is a chair that pays for itself in the long-run.

The reason for this is that the chair is simply so durable that it will last a long time. Teak and aluminium are possibly the best materials for outdoor furniture - especially here in Britian! The main reason for this is how strong and durable both are, not to mention how attractive the look with the right design.

For example, teak is a wood with densely packed grains that result in very robust material. Dense and heavy, these chairs will never blow over easily yet are light enough to be easily carried to and from storage.

Of course, you could leave them outside if you are lacking space - oils inside teak are highly resistant to damage from water, so the chair won’t become brittle or start rotting from being left in the rain. The aluminium frame offers a strong yet lightweight support that can hold even heavier weights with ease.

Don’t worry about regular weight slowly warping the back or base of the chair either - the teak panels are strong enough that they won’t bend even after years of frequent use, which is to be expected with such a great chair!

The combination of teak and aluminium also offer a versatile style. The wood feature offers a rustic charm that stands well against any other outdoor furniture, while the aluminium frame blends a sense of contemporary style that result in a very attractive chair.

Whether you need a single chair of a half dozen, you can be certain that the Elpaso chairs will look spectacular in any outdoor setting. The affordable prices make them a fantastic option if you’re considering upgrading your current patio furniture, while first-time buyers can be sure they’re getting exceptional value for money - the chairs will last years with the right care!