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​TLC for Teak Garden Furniture

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Solid teakwood garden furniture is resistant to most weathers having silica and rubber in its composition. 

Anyone who has set foot on the deck of a sailing boat that has teak decking and fittings will know that teak is one of the finest natural surfaces available.

But what does Tender Loving Care mean? 

Teak will age beautifully and turn a silvery hue in time, however for those wishing to ‘lift’ the grain and texture of a fine piece of teak garden furniture regular light application of teak oil will bring out the best in your furniture, but don’t apply teak oil to the seat areas of chairs as it may soak into your clothing and cause damage.

Solid teak wood has very tight grain, washing down with water may be enough but should you wish to apply teak oil it is as well to know what it is. NB. 

No matter how much teak oil is put on cheap laminated product you will not stop it from rotting! Only solid teak is weather proof!

Teak oil in the main is a mixture of Linseed oil, Tung oil, mineral oil and solvents like petroleum distillate - a thinner – whose purpose is to thin down the oil so that it will penetrate the dense wood. Tung oil, or China Wood oil, is a drying oil from the pressed seeds of the Tung tree giving the coating a deep almost wet look.

As each item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured using solid Grade A (heart wood) teak and is selected for its perfection, then produced using top quality traditional carpentry processes so there is little cause to worry about the affects of British weather conditions affecting your furniture. However, it is nice and sensible too to maintain your investment in good condition. 

Where possible place your tables and chairs under cover and bring them out in spring, give them some TLC and you are good to go, all we need then is some warm weather and you can party! Easter is not far away and hopefully with it will come weather warm enough to sit outdoors.

Spare a thought for those loved ones who are to marry in the Spring or Summer, what could be better than a fine chair and table set made of the most beautiful natural solid teak?

Looking for a wedding present?

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for superb inspiration!

Chairs and Table make outstanding teak garden furniture, the natural choice!

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