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Blog - Teak Garden Sofa

Asmara Teak Garden Sofa

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When it comes to outdoor furniture, there’s often limitations as to what you can find. Many people are left sitting in boring, uncomfortable chairs, but here at Chairs and Tables we believe in offering only the best garden furniture possible, as evidenced by the stunning Asmara Teak Garden Sofa.

Outdoor sofas are a rarity in most gardens, with most people coming across them at luxury holiday resorts or al fresco dining areas in trends bars and restaurants, which is why we take great pride in offering such an exquisite piece of furniture that will delight and impress.

Garden furniture is often lacking that modern flair, but the Asmara Teak Garden Sofa bucks that trend emphatically. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space, although there fewer places better suited than a patio or decking area, with the chair capable of establishing an outdoor seating area that will be the envy of all your friends!

With a low base, deep back rest and solid box shape, the sofa is very modern in style but more important it is inviting. Offering space for two, you can certain that the sofa will be the first seats grabbed, offering endless hours of comfort for anyone seated here.

Combined with plush cushions (available in blue or green), the sofa is quite possibly the most comfortable piece of garden furniture you will ever come across. The seat and back cushions are nice and thick (12cm) to ensure the upmost comfort, and there is even carved pocket sections at each arm rest to allow you to store personal items, such as a book, sunglasses, or glass of wine.

Moreover, the Asmara Teak Garden Sofa is made from one the best hardwoods sold today in teak. Strong and durable, teak is possibly the most suited material for outdoor furniture thanks to its weather-proof and long-lasting properties that allow it to be left outside without being damaged.

Fine craftsmanship is certainly on display with this sofa, having been constructed using the greatest skill and care to provide a quite stunning finish. Only mortise and tenon joinery are used by our carpenters, while rust-resistant brass screws and fittings prevents the product from being easily damage.

Simply put, the Asmara Teak Garden Sofa is luxurious piece of garden furniture that will transform any outdoor space. Better still, why not combine with another piece from the Asmara collection? We have matching single seaters, 3-seaters, and a table that will only further compliment this gorgeous sofa.