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Designing Your Outdoor Living Space for Maximum Comfort

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Designing your outdoor living space requires some careful consideration, e.g. what do you want to do in it, how much space do you have, how best to furnish it? 

Is your garden furniture likely to stand outside permanently?

The purpose of one’s outdoor living space is a determining factor, whatever the logistics it is worthy of considering the main and occasional uses of the space available. Many modern gardens are open-plan with restrictions on what one may do with them which is limiting when it comes to privacy.

Is your garden space a family resource, or is it a private haven of peace and tranquillity? A good tip for making a tranquil garden is to include a water-feature where space permits, the sound of running water can be truly restful.

Is the space to be a dining area for al fresco meals and entertaining? If so the furniture required needs to be given some serious thought.

Is your outdoor living space to be a private sun trap and retreat from the world outside? A comfortable Steamer Chair or two would make a perfect addition.

The size of the outdoor living space is important. However, small spaces can be made attractive and personal yet still allow for some entertaining space with judicious planning and furniture selection. Vast areas of garden and those with established areas for play, dining and relaxing can still be private, intimate and furnished tastefully.

Do you have a bijou patio or decking area? Careful planning can turn the smallest sunspot or shady nook into a blissful oasis.

Do you have a conservatory? Much can be made of even the smallest conservatory making them a delightful retreat throughout the year.

Is there a grassy lawn area, if this is the case positioning garden furniture is worth thinking through, especially where children’s play areas adjoin your space? Hardstanding may be advisable if the footfall is heavy or moving the garden furniture from time to time to give the grass time to recover is wise.

Whatever the outdoor living space it is possible to make excellent use of the space for entertaining and for family use for meals, relaxation and play, and for a relaxing with friends, family and neighbours.

A major element of planning one’s outdoor living space is the garden furniture. For commercial businesses and people whose garden furniture is likely to stand out, using solid teak is a must! Inferior products will succumb quickly to the British weather, the tail-end of Winter and onset of Spring has surely taught us that.

Solid teak is exceedingly tough and naturally water resistant due to the natural composition of the wood. 

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured using only solid Grade A teakwood that is sustainably grown in plantations.

Planning your outdoor living space? Then plan for plan for teak garden furniture for a lifetime of use, with a bit of TLC it will look good and produce a great return on your investment.

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