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Shining a Spotlight on Decorative Carved Reclaimed Teak Bench

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For eco-conscious consumers, there are few products out there that can match one of our reclaimed teak benches when it comes to being sustainable. In part, this is because said benches have been made using the same sustainable material as the rest of our teak products. However, it is important to note the rather unorthodox source of said material as well.

To start, teak is a tropical hardwood that has long been prised for its strength, its beautiful patterns, and its outstanding resistance to moisture. Given this combination of factors, it is no coincidence that teak has seen and continues to see so much use in making furniture. Better still, it is considered to be a sustainable material because it takes less time to mature than most of its counterparts, meaning that it is economical to manage and harvest under controlled circumstances. In fact, most commercial teak is produced in plantations found in Indonesia and a number of other tropical countries situated all around the world.

What makes these benches stand out is their use of reclaimed teak. In brief, reclaimed teak means that the teak has been recovered from old buildings and other unused structures made of wood so that it can be reused for some other purpose. This is important both because no teak tree was harvested to make them and because their existence saved the lumber from being tossed into a landfill to rot.

Of course, products made using reclaimed teak is in no sense inferior to their counterparts, something that can be discerned with no more than a single glance at our reclaimed teak benches. Each example has been polished to please, bearing hand-carved decorations chosen to maximise its visual appeal in combination with the material's characteristic patterns. The result is both simple and elegant, so much so that it is nothing short of stunning.