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​Planning to relax outdoors this Autumn and Winter?

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Now that our patios and decks have become outdoor living spaces to be enjoyed where possible throughout the year it makes perfect sense to make them as comfortable as possible.

Autumn and occasionally Winter sunshine may make an appearance to warm us and brighten our days. Even during the late afternoon and evenings some hardy souls will want to sit out.

By the way, the clocks go back on October 25th this year, so we still have time for some enjoyable evenings before it gets dark early.

Wrapping up well helps, it is the effect of wind that can cause us to become chilled and with Covid 19 still with us catching a cold is best avoided.

It is possible to create ways of reducing the effects of windchill by strategic use of plants that are patio, deck, and veranda friendly. There are many shrubs available to plant in your planter, however, often forgotten are ornamental grasses. There are very many beautiful ornamental grasses available both native and foreign species and depending upon the variety you choose they will grow tall, short, or medium in height. Bamboo also is planter friendly and can be acquired from most good quality garden centres, just ask the staff for advice about the growing height. For the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Planters small to medium may be best otherwise if there is a gale you may need to move them closer to the house to stop them blowing over. If the spot is sheltered, you can buy bamboo etc that will grow to 12ft in height - about 3 meters.

The benefit of grasses is that they are beautiful in appearance and some very colourful through the winter, some will have seeded by now leaving the spent seed heads behind to move in the breeze. In the Spring and Summer they are just as lovely as they dance in the sunlight. Enchanting!

There are many ways of making ones outdoor living spaces comfortable and inviting, top class furniture that is durable and comfortable will grace any garden or conservatory and Chairs and Tables Solid Teak Garden Furniture is durable and exceptionally good looking. In the midst of winter you may opt for something warming to drink with your BBQ or firework night fun, but after the year that we have all experienced many of us plan to make the best of it come what may.

Enjoy and stay safe.