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Teak Gateleg Table

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When shopping for any product, everyone goes for the best in the market, and furniture is no exception. Everyone would want to get the most beautiful and classy furniture, and teak wood has a solution for that. Teak wood is the best type of wood for furniture due to the following features:

Its long-lasting- Teak is hard and not easy to break. Teak is also weather resistant, hence, could carry your family's footsteps for generation depending on how well the furniture is taken care of.

It is cost friendly, and as such it is affordable.

It is portable. This wood is light and thus easy to carry around.

To enjoy the above benefits, one would want to try out one of the teak wood furniture, the teak garden tables. The tables are available in different sizes and shapes like the teak folding table, the teak coffee and side table, teak extending the table and the teak fixed garden tables.

Round Teak Gateleg Table

The teak folding table is a well designed and constructed table made of pure teak wood with a thick surface. At full extension, it accommodates at least eight people since it takes a maximum space when opened for use and a minimum space when closed. The table is attractive and durable. It is easy to open since it has four leaf wings that can be opened separately. The surface has been sanded providing a smooth, attractive and comfortable surface with the natural beauty of the wood.

Teak folding tables are also easy to maintain as the cleaning procedure is very simple. Use water and detergent for cleaning using a soaked piece of cloth and rinse using clean water regularly and the table will always be in good shape.

Make a point of getting yourself one of these tables, and you will not regret it.