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​Teak is used to produce boats, garden furniture, and other things that require resistance to weather elements

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Teak is used in outdoor furniture due to its natural resilience in severe weather conditions and its relative rarity. Being more highly-priced than other woods, teak furniture is something of a symbolic representation. It is not only typical for a teak chair, table or teak bench to last 60 years in the elements but it is also typical to pass down such fixtures to generations to come as an heirloom.

Types of teak furniture

Teak furniture can stay outside in any weather all year round, and may be left protected or unfinished .Teak wood can be viewed as eco-friendly as a result of its long-life expectancies. To guarantee the lessening of effects teak furniture has on the environment, numerous forestry businesses make sustainably-managed teak plantation .

Garden benches

Benches are easily the most common application of teak besides marine use. Teak benches are perfect for commercial application because of their natural resistance to termites and decay, sturdy nature and are offered in an endless range of lengths and designs.

Tables / Dining sets

In seasons and places where eating outside is pleasant and common, it is typical to find chairs and wooden dining tables in gardens, pool yards, deck areas, sun rooms and patios. Teak is a great material for this use, as it is not easily worn down in the sun but is less susceptible to the weather like other woods, is cooler and lighter than iron, and does not easily break or bend like tubular metals.

Sun loungers

Teak is preferred for chaise longues along with recumbent seating since it is more resilient and better designed than plastic loungers and does not become hot in the sun. Given that these recliners are heavy, they generally have two or more wheels for effortless transport from location to location.

Deep seating

Complemented with outdoor insulations and weather resistant akin to room furniture, deep-seating furniture is fast becoming popular in areas with warm climates. With outdoor décor and landscaping being such a growing trend, furniture to relax in and appreciate the garden area has followed suit. Teak wood lets patio furniture to last many years compared to other wood furniture.