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The 50cm folding teak picnic table

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The 50cm folding teak picnic table makes a superb addition to your garden, balcony, patio or any place. Fold it up and carry it away. Just place some chairs and it is all set for a party with folks and friends.

This teak table adds modishness and style to your lifestyle and is ideal for the ardent entertainer. Its size will accommodate two people with ease. Excellently crafted from Grade A teak, this 50 cm garden table is made using tenon and mortise joinery and can last for many years due to its solid grain and aboriginal oil content.

A-Grade Teak is exceptionally long-lasting. Out in the weather devoid of any maintenance this table and its folding extension would be expected to last for more than 15 years. Although with little maintenance this table can last a lifetime. This is attributed to the startling natural nature of Teak.

Benefits and Features

You have several sections to build your choice by opting for either a round or a square table. Both have a width of 50cm. Whether sealed or unfinished teak wood puts up with severe weather conditions because of its rigidity and ability to last for many years.

The wood withstands harsh sunlight does not break down easily like plastic furnishings and maintains its original shape. Homeowners regularly let their teak outdoor fixtures turn to a grey finish that requires minimal maintenance, or they preserve the natural splendour of the wood by applying products to conserve it.

The easy folding characteristic of the 50cm folding teak picnic table makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

Cleaning your 50cm folding teak picnic table

For best results when revamping your teak picnic table, always clean the table before applying stain, sealer or any other product. A simple clean-up solution and a few accessories aid in elimination of accumulated surface dust.

Regular cleaning, hose piping off the table, and protecting it from harsh wind helps to keep the wood from wearing away quickly.

The 50cm folding teak picnic table arrives completely assembled and ready to be used in your garden without ado. Order your teak picnic table today to provide your garden with a stylish and prudent piece of garden furniture and enjoy yourself with your visitors for many years to come.