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​The Design of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is vital

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Design is everything in any luxury product, however, selecting a piece of seasoned timber and turning it into a stylish item of luxury garden furniture is the work of craftsmen.

Getting the proportions correct is key. Too heavy and the furniture becomes ungainly and less attractive. Too light and the product will change shape due to heavy weights being placed upon them causing tables to shift and even ‘dance’ about when being used, clearly a sub-standard product.

Because teakwood is such a splendid material to use in garden furniture, having considerable strength and durability, due to its composition it lends itself to artistic skillful craftsmanship and fine styling. It is possible to produce slender lines that have inbuilt stability.

Part of the quality package is the way in which the teakwood is joined. Simply drilling holes and using screws will create a potential weakness that can be worsened over time by ingress of water. By the use of dowelling, perfectly fitting pieces of wood that are inserted into the drilled holes and glued in place effectively becoming part of the fabric of the chair or table, there is absolutely no way that this furniture item will let you down figuratively or physically! Such dowel joints will further strengthen the joints proving a water tight joint that will remain secure for many years to come.

Having matching teak wood surfaces on luxury teak wood garden furniture items allows the makers to provide a level and stable surface on the furniture items, table tops that are flat and will not droop, finely worked attractive patterns using teak wood that has been finely sanded so that there are no snags or splinters – important because the lady of the house may wish to use a fine quality lace or damask table cloth during a party.

Design is about good looks as well as quality of manufacture. Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have taken this very seriously by introducing a substantial range of varied designs all having the same characteristics whilst being lovely in appearance and full of character. Solid teak wood garden furniture is designed to appeal to people who love high-end quality, style, and appeal and who wish to show to their family and friends their appreciation of all that is best in outdoor living.