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The Hidden Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair

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Enjoy the seasons past, present and future while relaxing in the comfort of the Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair

Its beauty, functionality, and quality workmanship is readily appreciated in any patio or garden area. When deciding what piece adds the most value to your garden, take into consideration just how many features this one seemingly simple folding chair can offer to you. The Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair is or can:

  • Designed with the convenience of easy mobility, the 100% Grade A Teak hardwood folding arm chair can quickly be moved to capture the best sun or shade throughout the seasons as well as stowed away during any period of non-use.
  • Capture the most comfort in one of the seven available positions for a fantastic lounging experience. Treat your family and guests to a relaxing and star gazing experience as the ability of any of these positions has the potential to relieve some stress after a long day. The strength and slat design the teak hardwood of the chair ensure a durable and long lasting Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair.
  • Added comfort with 700mm height armrests. One can simply lean back in total comfort as they rest their arms on the armrests without a care and breath a sign of relief. The overall spacious design and features of the seat's height, depth and width make it a comfortable fit for most.
  • The Optional cushions can add to the overall beauty and value of the Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair.

When a folding chair stopped being just a folding chair, it became a luxury piece of Grade A Teak Hardwood furniture worthy of being in your patio or garden area. The Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair is a multi-functional piece that not only serves your needs on a personal basis but also on a formal basis when friends and family gather at your home. Making their arrival and stay comfortable and welcoming always involves having additional seating. Make your seating available but most of all, make your garden area "pop" with the comforts of home outdoors.