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​The Teak 60cm Lazy Susan

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Some ideas are just too distinct to go un-noticed and especially when they bring about brilliant multi-purpose furniture; and the concept behind this awesome Teak 60cm Lazy Susan turntable is one of those ideas. Very ingenious in practice and amazingly simple in its purpose, our Teak 60cm Lazy Susan allows for easy 360 degree access to all items placed upon it.

The actual strength behind this Lazy Susan is in its ease of use; very little energy is required to it. This perfect gem's uses are only limited by the degree of your own creative thoughts. If you don't own one, get one for yourself and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it in the past.

It is made from highest quality, durable grade A teak and does not require assembling. While Lazy Susans come in various diameter sizes, this Teak Lazy Susan is 60 cm in diameter. It is the ideal size; for it is not too small that it presents difficulties in reaching items from wherever you are nor is it so large that it eats up all space for utensils and tableware.

Given that Teak wood is great for areas with lots of moisture, your teak 60cm Lazy Susan piece can be used for either indoor or outdoor use. It also features a hole for a parasol and is carefully sanded to a smooth finish which gives it an ornate look.

Uses and Benefits of the Teak 60cm Lazy Susan

  • Do you detest the idea of reaching for your favorite dish all the way across the table? Well, you can avoid this disaster with our teak 60cm Lazy Susan. It features mortice and tendon joinery and a center hole to allow for easier rotation. This way, each person sitting on the table gets their food in a convenient hassle-free manner. Apart from being such an incredible and lovely piece of wood furniture, it also provides great convenience and fun during mealtimes.
  • Installing a teak 60cm Lazy Susan inside a kitchen cabinet can be particularly helpful in quickly accessing seasonings and spices while cooking.
  • This unique appliance can also be applied practically in numerous other settings such as with a pedestal for holding jewelry and even craft storage, just to mention a few.

For years, the teak 60cm Lazy Susan has not only been in use for its functionality, but also for its aesthetic value. The teak 60cm Lazy Susan is made with quality construction which enhances the décor of wherever it's placed. This high quality piece of furniture comes with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.