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Turnworth 150cm Teak Ring Table with Integrated Lazy Susan

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If you are looking for the perfect landscaping centrepiece, then you need the Turnworth 150cm Teak Ring Table with Integrated Lazy Susan. With thick legs, a seating capacity of 6 and a built in Lazy Susan, this teak ring table is the perfect addition to any patio, deck or landscape design.

Made from sustainable teak, the Turnworth table is tightly grained and resistant to water. With the unique strength and weather-resistant properties of teak, this table is sure to last for years without wearing out or showing signs of wear. Teak is known for being one of the most durable, strongest and hardest natural woods available. With its close grain properties, teak furniture can withstand the weight of children and adults.

One of teak’s most renowned properties is its resistance to water and weather. Teak is high and natural rubber and oil content, which make it resistant to rain, snow, frost, sun and rotting. The weather resistant properties of teak is what make it one of the most suitable words for outdoor furniture. In addition to this, adding the treatment of teak oil can give them even more natural protection against the elements.

Natural teak grows in the world’s tropical areas, such as India, Burma and Thailand. However, due to the high demand and unsustainable logging, many native teak forests have disappeared. This is why our natural teak furniture is made only from teak that is grown on sustainable teak plantations. With plantations set up throughout the tropics to grow teak, it is becoming easier to supply the growing demand for teak and teak furniture.

The Turnworth 150cm Teak Ring Table with Integrated Lazy Susan is crafted to the highest standards using grade A teak to ensure maximum durability and finely sanded for the silkiest, smooth finish. With the natural sturdiness of teak wood and high quality craftsmanship, this table is capable of withstanding more use and weight than any other outdoor table. With a built-in Lazy Susan and inset parasol hole, this teak ring table is the perfect addition to any landscape design and is guaranteed to withstand anything that the weather can throw at it.