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With summer here, the outdoors is calling, and there is no better way to spend your time outdoors than sitting with your friends and family!

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The garden is possibly the best place to spend the summer, with the better weather and longer days, nothing quite beats sitting outdoors and soaking up the sights and smells of summer.

A set of quality garden furniture is certainly a way to make the most of your time spent outdoors, as it allows for a comfortable and attractive location to dine with friends and family, while also doubling as a fantastic lounging area.

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs from Chairs and Tables is the perfect example of a stunning set of garden furniture that will serve you many years. 

With a massive table, set of eight chairs and cushions, this set will give you everything you need to start hosting parties or lazing around with the family.

Made from Grade A teak, the table and chairs offer the perfect blend of style and function. At 180cm, the rectangular table offers ample size for seating guests, and for those occasions where you need a little extra room, the double butterfly extension can be used to increase the size to an impressive 240cm!

This is made better by the fact that a total of eight Southwold arm chairs are included with the set, allowing you to take advantage of the impressive size of the table whenever you have company round.

Better still, the chairs come with weatherproof cushions for added company, so your guests will get to sit in comfort while admiring the beauty of this incredible set – they may even get a little jealous of your amazing garden furniture!

In fact, the table and chair set of such a high quality that it would not look out of place inside of a dining room! Of course, the best place for it will be somewhere outside, especially when placed on a patio or decking!

Now, for such an attractive set of garden furniture you would be forgiven for assuming it lacks strength and durability, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Teak is one of the strongest and naturally durable woods available, being completely water resistant, meaning it will take some serious effort for this set to get damaged – don’t be surprised if it lasts many years or even decades!

Teak also has a naturally beautiful finish that adds so much elegance to the set. Sanded to the perfect smoothness, the natural grains and colours of teak works magnificently in virtually any outdoor environment, and we are confident that you will spend plenty of time simply admiring the tables and chairs!

Given its large size, durability, and overall attractiveness, there are not many better table and chair sets out there. With summer not far off, be sure you are prepared by investing in a wonderful set of furniture such as the Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs!