righten up any area indoor or out with these gorgeous handcrafted statues and sculptures made from sustainable teak root.  Each statue is created from a single piece of tree root which is dug up and then lovingly crafted by skilled artisans and sanded to a smooth finish.  The horse and pig sculptures are crafted from pieces of chopped roots that are nailed together to create beautiful lifelike animals.  These unique handcrafted items combine rustic, industrial and modern influences to bring natural beauty and style to any home.

The teak root used for these sculptures is a byproduct of harvesting of plantation grown teak trees making it an eco friendly choice.  Our teak root statues and sculptures are hard, durable and water resistant and the grain of the wood lends an organic natural feel to each piece of unique art.  These pieces can be used outdoors as part of a garden or patio set or bring them indoors to create a natural serene atmosphere in any room of your living space.

Our teak root statues and animal sculptures will catch the eye of any art aficionado with their clean lines and modern feel.  They are guaranteed to add elegance to any space.