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​Breathe Life Into Your Garden

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The modern day working life can be a tedious and volatile test of endurance. Credit cards, debt, work overload, the commute, back ache. They all contribute to the stresses and pressures of our working days. Once the traffic jams and grey skies have cleared, the front door has opened and the kettle has boiled, we Brits enjoy nothing more than that sigh of relaxation as we can finally put our feet up and unwind. The office problems and work related issues fade and drift into a distant memory as we settle down and forget about our hectic lives. But as we sit and drink our cups of tea and nibble at our scones, look out of the French double doors onto our patio’s, a new dilemma crosses our minds. The long winter has played havoc with our garden furniture. The wooden chairs look worn and creak with discomfort, the table, flaking, faded and rugged, a rusting parasol with its deflated stature unable to withstand the harsh conditions of the British garden. The wind and rain have proved too coarse for its survival. What was once a strong and healthy looking garden set has now been reduced to a fragile shadow of its former self. That sigh of relaxation becomes frustration once more.

Imagine that same garden, your garden, the summer has just come to blossom, flowers gently sway in the breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass fills the air. The brittle and worn furniture sets have been replaced. Upon the patio tiles sit a proud and sturdy Teak Table set, extended to a full double leaf to accommodate the nearest and dearest, armed with fresh glasses of lemonade and smiles upon their faces. Perched on matching sets of Teak Reclining Chairs, armed resting on the broad and welcoming arm rests. Grandchildren race into the arms of parents and into the shade of the solid yet elegant parasol, as they enjoy the company of one another. That sigh is now one of complete comfort and satisfaction. With essential styles, ranging from classic to contemporary, guaranteed durability and pristine quality, the teak garden sets can really turn a summer into one to remember for a lifetime.