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A garden bench is a wonderful edition to your outdoor space, offering a timeless piece of furniture that is the perfect place to sit and enjoy every aspect of your garden

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Whether you want to sit back and unwind for a while or would like an exquisite piece of furniture that will be a focal point of your garden décor, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in quality garden bench!

Speaking of quality, not many benches are made like this simply magnificent Lutyens Deluxe Teak Bench. It features a classic style of woodwork that is a sight to behold, boasting all manner of elegance and style.

The curved top, rolled armrests and racked backrests combine to create a visually striking garden bench that will certainly impress while enhancing the aesthetics of your garden quite impressively.

Taking inspiration from the great British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, the bench would not look out of place in the gardens of a stately home, so it is sure to become the pride of your garden and could very well end up as a family heirloom!

Now, this may seem like a stretch, but when you consider the durability of teak then it makes a lot of sense. 

Crafted from Grade A hardwearing teakwood, the Lutyens Deluxe Teak Bench is fully resistant to water damage while being very robust, so it is very possible that it will last you decades with some love and care!

Speaking of care, maintaining the bench is very easy. There’s no need to paint or stain the wood, as teak is simply wonderful with a natural finish, while the oils present within the wood offer all the protection it needs from the elements and any pesky insects.

If left outside untreated, the bench will take on a gorgeous grey patina over time, resulting in a wonderful natural finish that is sure to impress.

Also, measuring in at 6ft, the bench is certainly large enough to sit several people at any given time, and you can easily outstretch your legs when sitting by yourself, although it will be strong enough to handle a lot of weight without any signs of sagging.

The Lutyens Deluxe Teak Bench will look fantastic in any garden setting and is sure to be a conversation starter for anyone that lays eyes on it. A beautiful example of quality craftsmanship, this is a bench worthy of any garden!