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A serving tray is a mark of sophistication

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You have your teak furniture and your patio furniture, but sometimes many homeowners focus on big pieces of furniture and not the little accent pieces that can really elevate a patio area. A quality  serving tray can give your front or back yard a sophisticated ambience. Not only is a serving tray a mark of sophistication, but it is also a practical accessory. You can use serving trays to serve cool drinks, dishes, and any other servings to entertain your guests.

Complementary Piece

Many homeowners are swinging away from speciality patio furniture, into patio furniture that is practical and flexible. A serving tray can be colour coded to designate certain areas in your backyard, with certain colours categorising different types of foods or drinks. It's a visual marker that stands out, but it still manages to be complementary.

Benefits of Teak

Teak is a densely grained hardwood, that wards off shrinkage, swelling, and superficial tarnishing. One of the benefits of teak furniture is that it can withstand extreme temperatures. Many homeowners will find that their teak products tolerate cold temperatures well, as well as stay colour-true even under harsh UV rays during the summer months. Naturally, teak furniture will turn into a grey shade over time. You can slow down this process by treating your teak furniture with speciality products that impart shine to the teak furniture, as well as help prevent drying of the wood's natural oils.

The black, dark brown, and light brown mahogany serving tray is finished with a gloss finish, giving a glamorous and attention-grabbing appearance.