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Elegant al fresco dining

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Elegant al fresco dining is the perfect way to enjoy your well-kept outdoor living space and to show your gardens off to friends and family. Why hold dinner parties indoors during the warm season when you can wine and dine your guests in your own private outdoor paradise? The Turnworth Teak Round Table and Chairs makes it all work with easy, timeless style. Crafted from sustainably sourced teak, this dining set accommodates eight people and features comfortably cushioned chairs conducive to lingering chats over wine or cordials long after the feast is over. The convenient Lazy Susan in the centre means that condiments are always within easy reach of your dinner companions.

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to dine al fresco in the garden. Simple family meals enjoyed outdoors create memories that your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime -- and it doesn't have to be dinner. Who can have a bad day when it starts with breakfast in a gorgeous garden environment? This teak table and chairs also provides an ideal surface for playing cards or board games or an ideal reading nook for those times you or a household member needs to recharge emotional and intellectual batteries in a peaceful setting.

Whether you place it on your patio or deck or opt instead to tuck it into the middle of a fragrant garden glade, this teak dining set allows you to enjoy al fresco dining and other activities for a variety of occasions. From an impromptu, casual lunch of chilled soup to a full-on formal dinner replete with linen napkins and fine wine, the addition of a teak table lets it happen with elegance and ease.

Start making memories and enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space by adding this teak table and chair set to your patio or garden. Eating indoors will lose its appeal once you get a taste of elegant al fresco dining.