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Enhance Your Tan on a Teak Lounger

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Summer is right around the corner, and you need to be prepared for the warm, sunshine-filled days ahead. If you are planning on tanning, now is the time to start. Enjoy the cooler temperatures of spring by relaxing in a teak lounger. Then, once the summer comes, you'll have the perfect garden tanning bed.

Why Choose Teak Outdoor Furniture?

While there are many different kinds of garden furniture, teak is quickly becoming a local favourite for its durability. It is weather resistant, making it ideal for the outdoors. The strong material is suited for all-year use, making it a practical choice for the modern home. Using teak is also an easy way to go green, as each teak product is made from sustainable resources.

Versatile Furniture that Lasts

In addition to being very easy to match to other furniture sets, the teak lounger is a highly-functional piece of furniture. While most people will use the lounger as an outdoor tanning bed, it can also be used as a chair or bench when guests visit. The adjustable backrest moves upwards to provide extra support or lies flat.

Get started on your summer tan or simply enjoy the great outdoors with a practical teak lounger. Our Teak Lounger with Cushion is a beautiful choice that can enhance nearly any space. To learn more about the benefits of teak furniture or see more functional furniture, please contact us today.