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Garden furniture, what is the point?

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The answer very much depends on what you want your garden to be. A garden can be the wilderness that starts outside the kitchen door and extends up to the edge of you domain. If your garden is such a place then all you will experience is the dread of maintaining it, or of sending out ones husband to do battle with it once in a while. However, there is another view, an enlightened one, maybe one you could adopt for yourself?

A garden is a room outdoors. As with any other room it needs to be tastefully decorated and comfortably appointed. By all means continue to have grass, and plants, and things to occupy you when you fancy pottering, but think seriously here, because if you get it right the garden stops being a chore and becomes a pleasant haven in which to abandon crass television programmes and slip out into something comfortable.

By tastefully creating an area in which you can sit, eat, relax and chat with loved ones and friends it is possible to truly enjoy your patch, however large or small. Perhaps an area of decking, a patio, a fine high quality, very durable and

good looking too, teak dining table and chairs with comfortable seating, and, yes, a barbecue or stove to enable cooking al fresco. Fine food, good wine, comfortable sitting and good friends to chat with on a warm summers evening  is bliss. Should you feel to cool, there are excellent outdoor heaters available so as not to spoil the fun. A little bit of creative lateral thinking can turn a garden from hell into a mini heaven to be enjoyed whenever you feel like doing so, the key to that is truly comfortable furniture.