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For those that love to relax and unwind after a long day, there are fewer better ways to do so than lazing about on a Classic Teak Streamer Chair

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Summer is well and truly here and that means it is time to head outside to make the most of any good weather we’re lucky enough to receive! 

While it’s often hard to get periods of sustained warm sunny days in a British summer, most of us get a good few opportunities kick back and relax in the garden during those sunny days.

For anyone looking to really make the most out of the good weather, a reclining garden chair is a must-have. Here at Chairs and Tables we have many great recliner chairs, but one of our favourites has to be the Classic Teak Steamer Chair.

Made from high quality teak wood and capable of four different reclining positions, there’s no better piece of garden furniture to relax in than this gorgeous teak recliner. Better still, full length cushions are included (and available in a selection of colours), guaranteeing the upmost style and comfort from the chair.

While a fantastic choice for anyone with a swimming pool, we recommend the Classic Teak Streamer for any person looking to relax outside in the sunshine. Whether you want to sit on your decking or patio area or follow the sunniest spots in the garden throughout the day, this chair is the perfect choice.

Adjusting the seat couldn’t be easier, you simply slot it into one of the four positions and you are ready to recline! Plus, it’s completely collapsible when not in use, so you can easily store it over the winter.

Better still, you could easily fold away the chair to make it easy to transport – perfect for any day-trips to the beach!

Of course, being made from the highest quality teak wood means that the chair is very durable should it be left outdoors. Oils and rubbers present in the wood makes it incredibly resistant to the elements, making it virtually water-proof.

Additionally, as a strong and robust wood, teak is the perfect material to ensure the recliner doesn’t sag or wear over time. In fact, we’re confident in saying that this recliner chair will last you many years, if not decades, making it worthwhile investment.

There’s no spot in the garden where this won’t look great. Teak is a naturally attractive wood that needs no treatment, and as the chair has been sanded to perfection, it’s soft and smooth to touch while looking amazing at the same time.

For those that love to relax and unwind after a long day, there are fewer better ways to do so than lazing about on a Classic Teak Streamer Chair.