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​Looking for a Statement Item of Garden Furniture? Try a Banana,

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Garden Furniture can be elegant, outstandingly good quality and different. 

By combining the very best in design, beautifully executed craftsmanship, and top-quality materials the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Banana series is exceptional value and stunningly good looking.

The Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture Banana range of products includes; Deluxe Banana Teak Arm Chairs, the Deluxe Banana Bench and the matching Deluxe Banana Coffee Table. Game set and match, one might say!

Deluxe Banana Arm Chairs by Chairs and Tables are charmingly wrap-around giving a most attractive appearance that is complimented by the superbly finished teakwood plus nicely padded Blue or Green (optional) weatherproof cushions. Chairs and Tables seem to have established the ability to make solid teak furniture that is dependable and rugged yet elegant in appearance. Deluxe Banana Chairs may be used in any setting be it a bijou veranda, a nice terrace sun-trap on a patio or in combination with any of the range of Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Dining Tables.

For occasional use the Deluxe Banana Coffee Table is also available with the same curving lines enabling one to sit in comfort with a cup of tea and a good book, or a G and T whilst chatting with friends and family.

The Chairs and Tables Teak Banana Deluxe Benches have the same exquisite contours as the Deluxe Banana Chairs whilst being 160cm or 62 inches wide – sufficient room for two adults to sit in comfort.

Benches can fulfil a number of roles, as items of garden furniture they can accommodate a couple of people in comfort on a small area be it a deck or a patio, or indeed an area of lawn. Being slightly more than five feet in length the Deluxe Banana Benches are efficient in taking up a relatively small amount of space, whilst filling a sunny corner.

Benches can also be tasteful memorials with a small brass plaque to mark them out, when such outstanding solid teak products are available why would anyone opt for less?

All of the teakwood furniture produced by Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is produced using solid Grade A sustainably sourced plantation grown teak, teakwood is highly water-resistant meaning that your purchases will not succumb to rot.

Because the Chairs and Tables name is on their products it is important to the Company to create highly desirable furniture for discerning people who always look for the best value for money. Consequently the materials used have to be top quality, the construction of the furniture has to be based upon best practice, for example joints are mortis and tenon joints held firmly in place with doweling inserts so that water ingress is prevented, thereby reducing any chance of deterioration. Solid Teakwood is highly water resistant due to its natural composition which includes elements of silica and rubber, no wonder it is so durable – buyer beware this only applies to solid teakwood, beware of poor imitations!