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Round Extending Teakwood Table

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C&T's Round Extending Teakwood Table adds smooth elegance to any outside decor. It is made of beautiful sustainable teak, which is grown on an ecologically managed plantation in southeast Asia. This is a long-winded way of saying that nothing is removed from the Earth that isn't being replaced. This quality Grade A teak is fine-sanded to a smooth and silky finish that will appeal to even the most impossible caller.

The Round Extended Teakwood table measures 120x120cm when the leaf is not in use, a nice size for a small family to catch a meal on the patio or enjoy the beauty of an English summer. And with a thickness of 40mm it stands up to those rambunctious grandchildren. For a larger gathering of relations you can add the extending leaf. Simply open the table with the easy-gliding system and pop the piece in. Not only does it extend the size of the table to 180X120cm, it also adds versatility with its parasol support, so the rain no longer controls your entertainment schedule.

The key behind the value of the Round Extended Teakwood Table is the teak itself. Just as a home's value is affected by the material in which it is made, the Round Extended Teakwood Table is so valuable because it is composed of the finest Grade A teak. A sturdy wood, teak is the preferred material for shipbuilding and framing windows in Asia.

Teak is valued in furniture-making because it is not only strong, it is aesthetically beautiful and naturally resistant to many of the things that age wood; it contains an oil that is naturally resistant to insects, water and bacteria. Teak wood also has an elasticity that makes it easy to mold and hard to alter once it has been worked.

The Round Extending Teakwood Table is easy to keep clean with a warm washcloth, and while many might choose to treat the wood for outside use, it is not necessary. The natural oils in the wood keep it looking shiny even after years of exposure to natural and human elements.