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​Southwold 5ft Teak Deluxe

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The beautiful Southwold 5ft Teak Deluxe Bench presents its sturdy and solid Southwold Deluxe character. Made from sustainable sourced teak, the Southwold offers a wide and robust seating arrangement for those who wish to get off their feet and indulge in some peaceful relaxation.

Sustainable sourced teak is one of the best hard-wood materials available for furniture building. Incredibly durable, water-resistant, and long lasting, this eco-friendly, wood-grain teak product of renewable cultivation is harvested especially for manufacturing purposes.

The seating design of the Southwold Teak Deluxe offers a masterfully crafted strait-back lumbar support along with a slightly scooped seat, which functions in a way that is similar to a specially designed curving -back cushion, known to assist in keeping the spine flush against the back of the chair. This curved design is often prescribed for back health and helps to foster and support the proper alignment of the back. The pelvis, shoulders and back should be in alignment while allowing for the natural curvature of the lower back.

The frame of the Southwold as well as the legs and arms, features the "chunky" cut style of construction. These thicker cuts of architecture make the bench especially sturdy and sufficiently braced, providing stability for when the children, animals, and other visitors wish to share your space; near you or even upon you! The Southwold is also strong enough for commercial use, highly trafficked, and public areas.

The Southwold bench  looks beautiful as part of the interior decor as well as the outdoor. Bench seating, as part of the indoor seating arrangement, can be quite comfortable. Add different-textured pillows and unique cushions or perhaps a soft and decorative throw, which is quite esthetically pleasing. The bench is also easy to move about in a multi-purpose room or area; when it's time to do your yoga exercises or to create a larger and safer space for the little ones unobstructed indoor movement. Or of course, display the Southwold bench outdoors in your garden as a center piece. In the seaside destination of Southwold onlookers enjoy a relaxing seat while gazing out over the incredible piers and cannons, the sea, and the lighthouse views.