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​Chairs and Tables Manufacture Memorable Memorial Benches,

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A memorial bench needs to be memorable, in good taste and fitting with the person or occasion that is being remembered. 

All the more reason to acquire a truly handsome product that will retain its good looks for many years and in doing so represent the memory of the person or occasion to perfection, surely only the best will do on such an occasion?

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture manufacture outstanding benches that will do any memorial proud. When fitted with a tasteful brass plaque these fine benches will recall fond memories of that special person or occasion and with an occasional spot of TLC will look its best for a very long time.

Chairs and Tables benches come in a variety of styles and sizes:

Aldeburgh Benches, available in 4ft, 5 ft and 6ft sizes. 

This elegant and sophisticated yet durable Aldeburgh Teak Bench will be a perfect ‘permanent’ memorial in any setting. With a 7x7cm leg, its gentle curved top and more robust design with a chunky feel are so much stronger than other inferior products. This bench is made from 100 % Grade A, plantation grown, hardwearing teakwood, and sanded to a smooth finish for your comfort.

The Decorative Carved Reclaimed Teak Bench is 4ft 5ins wide, 

suitable for two people and maybe a toddler to ‘bide a wee’ and watch the world go by. Sophisticated and delightfully antique in nature, the Decorative Carved Teak Bench features reclaimed wood that has been re purposed into this beautiful and exquisite piece of garden furniture, an absolute must for the environmentally aware memorial. The 100% Grade A Teakwood is lightly waxed to a smooth, natural finish allowing the true grain of the wood to shine through and capture the eye. The open-styled chunky wood back, solid seat, legs, and armrests lead to its overall strength and valuable life. While guaranteed for three years, Teakwood is known to last for decades making it a wonderful memorial that you can be proud of.

Lutyens 4ft and 6ft Teak Deluxe Benches 

are outstandingly handsome seats that have flair, and unique style, named after the famous architect and designer they are excellent seats worthy of his name. This 4 or 6 ft teak bench is a sturdier bench than any in its category. The intelligent contrast of the simple beauty of teakwood, with the sturdiness and complexity of Lutyens design, makes this bench a must-have memorial. If kept outdoors, the teak will take on a beautiful silver-grey patina that would have delighted the outdoor lover, a wonderful memorial indeed.

Southwold 4 ft, 5ft and 6 ft benches, 

fitted with a straight back, this bench has a classic feel about it. The design is sleek and smooth and shows off fine craftsmanship. Made with a robust and chunky design, this bench is stronger than other benches that are available. The sturdiness of the bench also ensures that it will last for years. Delivered fully assembled and ready to use, this straight back bench requires no work from you.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.

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