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Spring is here and the time is right to Order Garden Furniture for the Summer.

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Spring has sprung and the temperatures are rising, albeit slowly, and the time for moving outdoors to entertain and to feed one’s family is rapidly approaching. 

Spring has sprung and the temperatures are rising, albeit slowly, and the time for moving outdoors to entertain and to feed one’s family is rapidly approaching.

The centre piece of any outdoor dining area is the table. Around that everything else comes together.

Feeding large numbers of people al fresco for a BBQ, summer gathering of family, friends and colleagues could not be simpler with the Chairs and Tables Range of Fine Teak Garden Furniture.

The Rectangular or Oval Extending Double Leaf Dining Tables will seat eight people comfortably using the compatible Chairs and Tables folding, stacking, or standard format chairs, that are available in a number of styles. 

For a stand-up buffet the Rectangular or Oval Extending tables will make a large platform for the buffet, condiments, and still have space for the drinks – nicely chilled. 

To which purpose all of the tables are available with a tasteful parasol and a Lazy Susan to save one reaching across for one’s choice of food or drink.
Family sized dining tables include Extending and Folding Tables for areas where space is at a premium, Fixed Tables are wonderful if you have enough space. These tables are available in three basic shapes, round, square, and oval and in different and attractive patterns.
Occasional and afternoon tea tables or picnic tables are also present in the range for more personal occasions and for people with less space or fewer people to feed. 
The smaller tables are tastefully designed and will easily be moved into place. Patios, decking areas, verandas and even one’s conservatory’s will be enhanced and made eminently more usable with fine quality Teak Garden Furniture.

Please, note, that there are complete chair and table sets available so that you may match your preference and purchase the items online via the Chairs and Tables website

All relevant details are posted there for your convenience, and should you need assistance the team at Chairs and Tables head office are readily on hand to help through the above web site.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is made to last using only solid Grade A sustainably sourced teakwood grown in plantations. Teakwood is by nature water resistant and very durable. Employing top quality craftsmen to complete our furniture using traditional mortice and tenon joints – because they are water tight and make the products more reliable, the overall fine result is well balanced and stylish, and every effort is made to remove all snags and sharp edges for the comfort of our customers.
Going the extra mile to achieve perfection is the hallmark of Chairs and Tables
irs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, luxury is added to make your use of our products a pleasure for years to come.

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