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​Asmara Teak Garden Sofa with Cushions

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Chairs and Tables Company provides quality and reliable Asmara Teak Garden Sofa made from highly durable Indonesian teak wood. The sofa is aesthetically appealing not only to enhance the attractiveness of the landscape but also give outdoor comfort. Presence of Asmara Teak Garden Sofa in your outdoor space portrays prestige and a good taste of preference of the owner. Constructed by furniture experts, the sofa’s design is simple yet sleek to generate a sense of elegance.

Product Details

The sofa is made from Grade-A teak, and a silky smooth finish is ensured through fine sanding. High water resistance and high durability in the teak wood results from the tight grain, high oil, and rubber content, and high tensile strength the wood possesses. The sofas have a total height of 650 millimetres, total depth of 940 millimetres, and a total width of 1600 millimetres that give the occupier enough allowance for movement while seated. Accompanying the sofa are two back cushions and two seat cushions, which are provided according to a customer’s preference of the level of softness of firmness. The cushions covers have a broad range of colours that you can choose from according to your preference.

Value for Your Money

Three years of warranty shows the great confidence we have in the durability of the sofa. With cushions having a width of 12 centimetres thick, you are guaranteed a sofa with comfort. The cushion covers are weatherproof, removable, and washable to give long life to the cushions. Our furniture experts offer free advice regarding the maintenance of the sofa and beautification of your landscape. Standards of quality are met in every sofa construction undertaken in our company. Take advantage of the discounts we frequently offer to save your money.

Service from the Best

The staff at Chairs and Tables highly qualified with vast experience in furniture construction and dealing. You can, therefore, trust that the choice of the sofa design and components has been done through expertise. The process involved in sofa construction, starting from the design to completion of the product, is carefully thought through, and procedure followed to ensure that the desired standard is achieved. We follow up our clients to ensure that their demands are fully satisfied. Our services have received positive feedback from our old and new customers.

Contact Us

We eagerly wait to hear from you as you choose Chairs and Tables to provide the sofa solution to your outdoor landscape needs. Choose us because our sofas will give your landscape a facelift.