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The ​Backless Lutyens 7ft teak bench is a magnificent piece of garden furniture

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The Backless Lutyens 7ft teak bench is a truly stunning piece of garden furniture that can easily be mistaken for a work of art. 

Featuring sublime craftsmanship, the bench is not only stylish but very practical for those seeking a more unique form of seating for their garden.

At 7ft in length, this is a spacious bench that only enhances the area it sits. Whether tucked beneath a tree, overlooking a lawn, or proudly displayed on a patio, the Lutyens bench is a fine addition to any area of your garden - it wouldn’t look out of place in the gardens of a country manor it’s that exquisite!

The scroll-style arms showcase the truly expert artistry that has gone into creating the Lutyens backless bench, but they also offer a comfortable spot to rest your arms when using it. Its backless design allows for much versatility, be it resting against a fence or in front of a garden table, so you can certainly use it for various occasions or to simply change the aesthetics of the garden.

Sporting a typical slat design, the use of sustainable sourced grade A teak ensures frequent use doesn’t cause the wood to easily bend. In fact, as it has tightly packed grains, teak is surprisingly strong and durable despite its elegant appearance.

This means that bench can enjoy countless days of use without any signs of wear or tear. The slats won’t bend and warp after a few years, while the surface area will never become brittle thanks to the natural oils present in teak.

Better still, teak is completely water-resistant! The same oils in teak that make it strong and durable help protect the wood from any damage from rainfall, which is certainly an advantage for the rather unpredictable British climate!

Similarly, wood burrowing insects and other bests can’t damage the wood, and because of the dense grains the Lutyens bench is heavy enough that it will be a struggle to knock it over and cause any kind of impact damage. This is a thick and sturdy bench that can handle anything you throw at it!

Maintaining the Lutyens bench couldn’t be easier too. Teak does take on a newer colour as it ages, so if you wish to maintain the original colour rather than allow the silver-patina shade to take effect, simply apply a teak sealant once a year.

There’s no need to paint or varnish it, while teak oil products should be avoided at all costs - unless you want to have to constantly apply them to it! A simple sealant is all you need, and even then, that’s not necessary should you like the appearance of aged teak.

The Backless Lutyens 7ft teak bench is a magnificent piece of garden furniture that only adds beauty to an outdoor space. It will unquestionably become the pride and joy of your garden for many years to come, and could very well end up a family heirloom!