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Bali Garden Decorative Garden Arm Chair

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No other type of wood can assert to have the qualities of teak. 

Since time immemorial, teak wood has been award-winning as material in the shipbuilding industry due its unique qualities of not deteriorating or accruing rust even when it is joined with metal.

Sit back and relax in the ultimate calm with this elegant Bali teak garden arm chair. 

Skilfully crafted from sustainable high quality sourced teak, this teak garden arm chair has been made to last, and will proffer you unproblematic abundant pleasure for many years to come. Teak is a hardwood that is a perfect choice for outdoor furniture because its natural oils shield the wood in exposed settings and make the furniture pest, rot, and termite resistant.

Our Bali teak garden armchair symbolizes great value and is manufactured from authentic first-class Grade 'A' Teak. This softly sloping armchair that offers style and comfort for any outdoor activity will electrify your friends and family. The chair is fully assembled for your instantaneous enjoyment.

This chair has a patterned back that gives lots of support and is framed with brawny arms that form rounded scrolls atop its decorative engraved baluster legs. The Balinese spacious and cosy chair can be used singly, as a pair, or with your existing wooden garden furniture to make the perfect spot for entertaining your friends and family on sunny days.

The Bali teak garden armchair requires minimal maintenance guaranteeing you years of fruitful use. 

It has a silky velvety finish and measures 92cm high x 63cm wide x 63cm deep. Constantly have ample seating space ready each time unanticipated visitors call on you, order several of these stylish Bali Teak Garden armchairs.

Your garden is a tremendous place to unwind and enjoy all the gorgeousness that encircles you. While spending time here, you need to include garden furniture that is ideal for the attractive environment as well. The Bali teak garden armchair is going to be a pick that you will give you great value for your money as well as for your garden. 

Buy this Bali garden armchair and experience the ultimate garden comfort. 

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