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​Throw a Tropical Winter Garden Party with Sustainable Teak Chairs

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If the winter cold has gotten a firm grasp on you, it's time to take a tropical trip without ever hopping on a plane. Grab a few friends, decorate your garden, and lounge on our Bali Teak Garden Arm Chairs. It will provide you with a tropical escape with an eco-friendly twist. You will receive peace of mind knowing that your tropical escape is not harming the environment. Our Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair is crafted from sustainable sourced teak and will provide you with the following four benefits.

Teak is Aesthetically Pleasing

When you are inviting friends over for tropical getaway, you want to make a good impression. There is nothing that makes quite as good as an impression as our Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair. It's natural texture and colour means no additional adorning is needed. Our grade A teak displays natural lines within the wood, which creates a natural line drawing. The warm hues of teak make it an inviting piece of outdoor furniture. Your party guests will be clamouring to sit on the Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair.

Teak is Easy to Clean

You can party down not concerning yourself with a pal who spills bright red salsa on your Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair. Our sustainable grade A teak is easy to clean. It wards off many stains naturally. Additionally, teak will not corrode like other types of garden furniture materials. It greatly simplifies your cleaning routine because it is a low maintenance wood.

Teak is Strong

Teak is one of the strongest types of wood that is used to make outdoor furniture. You will not have to worry about one too many raucous party guests trying to pile up on your Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair. It is strong a built to last. It does not warp easily from the change in weather or climates. This feature makes teak one of the best choices when constructing outdoor furniture. Don’t fool yourself when it comes to choosing grade A teak furniture. Chairs and Tables Limited is one of the few retailers of grade A teak.

Teak Provides Outdoor Defence

In addition to being a strong wood, teak wards off outdoor elements such as parasites, dry rot, and fungus. You can throw your tropical party knowing that unwanted furry visitors – with many legs – will not pop up on your party guests’ laps during dinner. Purchasing our Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair is a choice that will last you for many years to come. Think about the many tropical winter parties that you could throw with the wood that is durable and sustainable. You will not have to replace your Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair any time soon.

The preceding benefits of our grade A teak shows you how you can snap out of the winter doldrums. Taking a break from it all is as simple as visiting your garden. There you will find the Bali Teak Garden Arm Chair providing a soothing respite from the cold.