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Surprising Uses For an Indonesian Canoe

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What Is a Jukung?

The jukung is an Indonesian canoe that can be recognised using its outriggers as well as the single sail that can send it skipping over the surface of the sea. Its main use is for fishing in both the past and the present. However, more recent times have seen it being used to bring people out for scuba diving as well as other water-based activities, which is rather appropriate considering its Balinese origins.

How Can You Use a Jukung?

Although we don't actually offer jukung for sale, we do offer storage boxes based directly on their design. For example, the Large Boat Storage Box bears the jukung's unmistakable profile, which resembles nothing so much as a leaf tapered at both ends. Its more than two meters' worth of length provides plentiful storage space, while its sturdy construction means that it can serve as additional seating once its top has been closed. Better still, it is stylish enough to be used as a centrepiece in both indoor and outdoor settings, particularly once it has received a rustic coat of paint for a closer resemblance to its source of inspiration.

Of course, its material is worth mentioning as well. In short, the Large Boat Storage Box is made out of teak, which is a tropical hardwood famous for its resistance to bugs, moisture, and other causes of breakdown in lesser woods. Its durability is what provides the storage box with much of its sturdiness, much as how its beautiful appearance contributes to its pleasing aesthetics. Best of all, it is sustainable because we use nothing but ethically-sourced plantation teak that has been approved by the Indonesian government.

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