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Teak furniture can be used to beautify the garden

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Luxury relaxations can only be captured with the elegant pieces of accessories that can create the right ambience. Capturing the summer atmosphere with the Framlingham Deluxe Teak Bench is what can guarantee a relaxing outdoor experience. It is sturdy and carries a functional durability that ensures it provides service over time. Wondering what the upside is? Well, it is a classy addition to the garden area furniture as it provides a stylish setting for resting and enjoying a bask in the summer sun. Its 5ft length and 136cm seat width is perfect for a day out in the sun with friends or family. Individuals who fancy comforts can relish in having a back rest that has been customized to give an element of luxurious relaxation.

The Framlingham Deluxe Teak Bench is made of sustainable teak wood which has been dried in kiln to ensure durability. In love with nature? Well, you can be proud of the fact that the teak wood is sourced from controlled plantations which ensures it has a natural and delicate finish which contributes to the overall comforts of the furniture. The natural essence of teak provides a smooth texture with a naturally coloured outlook that not only amazes but provides a touch of comfort too.

This piece of elegant teak wood furniture can be used to beautify the garden area or placed as a decorative centrepiece for patios. With its custom decorated legs and arms, it is sure to provide a unique beauty aspect. As it brings functionality with a modern touch, it can be utilized to compliment natural themes in garden spaces overlooking natural sceneries. If you wish to enjoy the luxury of this perfectly designed piece of furniture, you can place an order to buy and be guaranteed of unending outdoor experiences.

The Framlingham Teak Bench

It has a width of 150cm with the sitting surface width being 136cm. A depth of 66cm and seat bottom being 54cm is what this incredible piece comes with. The total height is 92cm, and it has a leg length of 7cm x 7cm. It is a natural, smooth wood product that is kiln dried [...]

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Teak is the perfect type of wood to use in your outdoor areas

Teak is the perfect type of wood to use in your outdoor areas, as well as indoor living spaces. This type of wood is native to the Far East, where its resistance to outside elements makes it the staple wood of many homes in various temperate regions. Teak is one of those types of wood [...]

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​Framlingham 5ft Deluxe Teak Bench

A chunky vogue ornamental centrepiece for your terrace or garden space, this Framlingham 5ft Deluxe Teak Bench options oven dried Grade A teak wood that's engineered with the strength to carry for years to return in spite of the weather. The 5ft length with a seat dimension of 136cm provides an excellent sitting space with ample area for friends and family to collect [...]

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