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Teak is the perfect type of wood to use in your outdoor areas

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Teak is the perfect type of wood to use in your outdoor areas, as well as indoor living spaces. This type of wood is native to the Far East, where its resistance to outside elements makes it the staple wood of many homes in various temperate regions. Teak is one of those types of wood that is relatively low maintenance. It has natural waxes that make it an insect retardant, so you don't have to worry about pesky insects taking refuge in your teak furniture. It's wax also protects it from UV lights and extreme temperature changes. Over time, erosion from sunlight and rainfall can essentially disintegrate most woods. Teak is one of the few natural woods that can protect itself from these erosive elements, making it a mainstay in your patio or backyard for years to come.

Our teak furniture is made from the highest quality teak wood that come from mature trees. You will recognize our deluxe teak furniture, like the Framlingham 5ft Deluxe Teak Bench, for its uniform, golden colour. This piece of teak furniture is a statement piece, with craftsmanship being at the forefront when it was made. All of our teak furniture are not made with chemicals or dubious processes that will alter the chemical makeup of the wood.