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​Stay calm and carry on, safely!

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Presently the Nation is coping with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and we urge our valued customers to take preventative measures as advised by HM Government and the medical authorities. Stay safe!

We should like to offer a few ideas about how to cope with isolation should you need to stay at home.

Gardening is one of those fresh air pursuits that can be done whatever the circumstances – almost, clearly anyone who is unwell must take extra care. However, for those who are able a bit of light gardening is a pleasant way to get clean air into ones lungs and keep occupied. 

There are always things to do in a garden, presently bedding plants are available and spending an afternoon planting them is a fine way to relax. 

One can plant bedding plants even in the smallest area, on a patio, decking or veranda, decorative pots and planters are a beautiful way to liven up any outdoor living spaces.

As the weather is starting to improve this is also a good time to sit out and enjoy the view. 

Along with Spring flowers comes the first Bumble bees, sadly they are less evident these days but can still be seen ‘bumbling about’ amongst the flower beds. Whilst sitting and pondering maybe give some thought to plants that will attract more bees such as lavender, honeysuckle, and Buddleia for the butterflies. 

By the way, please don’t spray chemicals on your plants as they will kill the animals that will eat the bugs – greenfly for example – let nature do the work for you.

Whilst ‘sitting out the virus’ why not give some thought to your home and garden, being outdoors can be a great pleasure and the key is to be comfortable. 

Chairs and Tables do make exceptionally comfortable solid Teak Garden Furniture that is the perfect accompaniment to al fresco living!

Not everyone likes the blazing sun on them whilst others do. 

Designing ones outdoor living space, including the planting of shrubs etc., can be done without leaving ones armchair. Judicious use of plants, shrubs and trees can create an oasis of shade in which to sit and read, do some knitting, enjoy a snifter or two, and watch the wildlife, conversely for those preferring to sunbathe that too is possible, and there is a Chairs and Tables product that is perfect for any setting.

The Chairs and Tables online catalogue where one can enjoy searching through the sumptuous designs and clever ideas at leisure can be found at:

Purchases may also be made online and Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture will deliver making the entire process an absolute joy!

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