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W​hy buy solid teak garden furniture, what’s the deal?

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Different types of timber are used for a variety of purposes because some are hard, some are naturally weather proof - teak, some are soft – deal for example, and others are used for furnishings such as Rosewood, Oak, and Walnut for example.

Wood is the product of its natural environment, drawing its characteristics from the earth at its feet. 

Over the millennia craftsmen have sawn timber that grew close to home, as knowledge and need expanded they sought after particular timber for special purposes and to this day we still do, however, present day conservation concerns lead us to stop raiding virgin forests and produce plantation grown sustainably sourced timber.

Teak has taken its characteristic robustness from its surrounding environment. 

The make up of teak includes rubber and silica making it exceedingly tough and waterproof. This explains why sailing boats to this day are built of teak, have teak wood decking etc., teak will last for years, is hard wearing and water resistant.

But, why solid teak?

The heart of your garden furniture needs to be weather resistant; our UK climate is largely wet and soggy, naturally resistant wood will withstand the wetness. Furniture made from cheap soft wood, such as deal, and laminated with a thin covering of teak is a likely to soak up water like a sponge and cause delamination and rot! Purchasing solid teak garden furniture is wise because the return on your investment is far better, your furniture will look wonderful for years, and with correct preparation the integrity of your furniture will be ensured.

Chair and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is produced using solid Grade A plantation grown teak. 

The teak wood is seasoned correctly, and choice sections of teak wood are selected for certain purposes. 

Craftsmen carpenters use mortice and tenon joints because they too are water tight, water ingress would potentially weaken the joints. Assembly is done correctly and not thrown together without due care and attention – Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is sanded to perfection so there are no finger or clothing snags and the natural patina of the teak wood is exposed. Quality is to be seen to be believed, hands on appreciation of fine furniture is the best way to appreciate craftsmanship. Chairs and Tables Solid Teak Garden Furniture even improves its good looks with age, naturally!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.