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​Minimize Your Carbon Footprint By Using a Reclaimed Teak Bench

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Why Should You Use a Reclaimed Teak Bench?

Our furniture is made using plantation teak, meaning that its material comes from a sustainable source rather than old-growth forests. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your purchase from us is an eco-friendly alternative to similar furniture from other furniture-makers. However, if you are interested in minimising your carbon footprint, you should consider choosing one of our reclaimed teak benches.

As stated in their name, each one of our reclaimed teak benches is made using teak that would have gone to the waste disposal companies if we had not saved it from the landfills, the incinerators, and the recycling facilities. Instead, we have crafted the reclaimed hardwood into new shapes for new uses before providing it with a light wax so as to produce a smooth and beautiful finish.

What Are the Other Benefits of Our Teak Benches?

Of course, there are more selling points to our teak benches than their eco-friendliness. For example, each one is strong enough and sturdy enough to seat more than one person, which has become particularly important now that spring is here and summer is on its way. Better still, reclaimed teak retains its resistance to the elements, meaning that you can count on it for reliable outdoor use. Finally, its decorative carvings combine with its rich texture to provide a distinct vintage charm, which is sure to please those who love a touch of the classic in their surrounding landscapes.

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