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Consider the craftsmanship of teak outdoor garden furniture

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Designing a garden can prove to be a pickle of a problem for the individual who does not want their garden to be populated with same grey rattan lounge set with a plastic table, topped off with a cheap, polyester umbrella that every pop up garden has in the United Kingdom.

No, some people view their garden as a canvas, a space to artfully fill with ergonomic and stylish pieces that will last for many decades to come. If you're a celebrator of style and artistry for the modern British garden, then you should consider the craftsmanship of teak outdoor garden furniture.

The innovative ship shelves are adjusted to fit your space with small, medium and large boat storage boxes that feature the traditional style of Juking, Canoe and dugout boats from Indonesia.

Or for that perfect meal during a breezy evening by the sea the sturdy Turnworth Teak Ring table is available in 4, 5, 6 foot diameters to adjust to any party size.

We understand that where you buy your timber materials is more ecologically important that what materials are utilised as materials.

Our family store has been in business for the last 15 years serving Norfolk,.Suffolk and communities across the United Kingdom. Hand selecting the most aesthetically appealing furniture for individuals interested in creating their own oasis, here at home in England.

Our British pride is apparent in our friendly customer service, quick delivery and commitment to helping you fully enjoy the great outdoors.

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