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Turnworth Teak Ring Tables 180cm

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When the weather is nice and sunny outside, it is natural to want to spend as much time out there as you can. Smelling the fresh air and flowers while basking in the sun is what you should do when outdoors in such exquisite weather. However, the question of which kind of furniture to use always comes up. There is a lot of variety when it comes to furniture. The most pertinent question is the type of wood used to build the furniture. Well, ask no more. We have an answer for you: teak. Many characteristics make teak wood optimal for outdoor furniture particularly the Turnworth 180cm teak ring table. The best feature of the teak table is that it is durable. It is naturally oily, so the elements do not easily break it down. It is also tough hence pests such as termites will have a hard time destroying it.

The Turnworth 180cm teak ring garden table is easy to clean since water and detergent are enough to do the job. Our teak is sourced sustainably so that our tables are always in supply. Teak wood can be crafted into amazing designs. Our teak table is in a classic design with a gentle curve that fits in your garden and blends seamlessly with the surroundings. If well taken care of, the Turnworth teak ring table can last for generations and serve you very well throughout its lifespan. You can accessorise the table by using a colorful to cover it. With plenty of sitting space for around half a dozen chairs around it, you will enjoy your time outdoors to your fill. A teak table is a companion for a lifetime. Go out, buy our teak table and be amazed