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Give Your Backyard a Classy Look with Southwold 4ft Teak Deluxe Bench

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You may wish to add some furniture to your garden or patio, and you are wondering which one is the best. There are varieties, starting with tables, chairs, and benches. When shopping for garden furniture, the first thing to consider should be the material. It should be able to endure the harsh outside conditions.

Teak wood is the best options with its outstanding features including;

  • Durability - Teak wood is sturdy and does not break easily. This is a beneficial feature since, you do not have to keep running back to the carpenter for replacement and repair, and thus it is a money saver. Moreover, it contains teak oil which protects it from termites and also it can withstand the weather conditions which include rain and hot sun. For this reason, you do not need to cover it or store it in a room.
  • Sustainable - Teak wood is easy to maintain and only requires regular cleaning and oiling once in a while to keep looking as good as new for a long time. You only need water and detergent for cleaning and also apply the natural teak oil.

When looking for a bench for your backyard, choose something attractive and classy. One of the benches you should get is Southwold 4ft teak deluxe.


It is fitted with a straight back and has a sleek and smooth design which makes it more classic. The chair is strong due to its robust design which makes it suitable for holding many friends at once. Its strong feature also ensures that the bench lasts long.

The bench comes when it is fully assembled and ready to use making work easier for you. It is made from grade A teak. Moreover, it has been sanded to make the surface smooth.

Have a good time under the sun and enjoy the great view of your yard with a Southwold 4ft teak deluxe bench.

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